Thoughts About Online Pricing

As you sort through the many rugs available online, one thing stands out.  Most retailers display their pricing in terms of Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and then go on to express any discounts from MSRP as a percentage off of that MSRP price. 

Some rug sellers try to gain advantage by artificially raising the MSRP, then discounting from that inflated MSRP, which results in a larger advertised discount.  Their hope is to attract more potential customers and make them believe they are getting a better deal. This is not a new pricing scheme in retail sales, but we want you to know that we import our rugs directly from the manufacturers, and so we are able to offer great pricing without playing games.  That way, you can directly compare the value with other rugs of similar quality, for example, tufted wool rugs compared with other tufted wool rugs, etc.

Another important factor to consider when comparing rug retailers and their pricing is how freight is handled.  Most rugs can be shipped by Ground as parcels, but the weight of these parcels can result in a single rug costing anywhere from $30 to over $150 to ship, depending on size, weight, and shipping distance.  Rugs that exceed nine feet in length when rolled up must be handled as oversized freight, and may need to be palletized and shipped via common carrier, all of which will cost even more.  The important point to remember here is that several online retailers, including Rug Perfection, offer free freight at the selling price quoted.  In addition, Rug Perfection, for example, also offers free freight on returns if the return is timely (see FAQs).  Be sure to look for our Free Shipping offer!