Rug Trends/Color

Do you ever wonder what influences the styles and colors of the most popular, current rugs? From trends both here and abroad to economic cycles, personal finances and personal tastes of individuals and designers, the range of potential influences seems endless. Color trends are particularly difficult to predict or even explain after the fact. Here are some thoughts and ideas that will help you understand how we think about this when we are selecting designs and colors for our contemporary and modern rug collection.

The most basic question seems to be- “Color or neutral?” We have now gone through a cycle in which the U.S. market has been extremely conservative with regard to color. Neutral tones such as greys, browns, & beiges have been very popular while more colorful options have been less so. Speculation as to why this might be covers a wide range of possible reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  1. psychological research that shows a more subdued and colorless mood in the country during times of a poor and or uncertain economy;
  2. influences from Europe;
  3. real estate sellers and agents who tend to lean towards neutrals as they are unsure what potential buyers will prefer.
  4. architects and designers who want to emphasize their primary work by deemphasizing color;
  5. consumers that have grown up around neutral décor, whether traditional, transitional or contemporary, and are afraid of using color;
  6. consumers who want to act as their own designer, and who ultimately become confused or overwhelmed with choices and end up going the “safe” route using neutrals;

The good news is that color is coming back. The flooring and furniture Markets in Europe are showing more color, and that color is bright and bold. We are seeing the beginning of it here. Specific colors vary from year to year, as we watch for trends and Pantone choices. The bottom line here is to start thinking in color and brighten up your life!